Our Mission

To Unite REALTORS® for the purpose of beneficial influence on the real estate profession, property ownership, and community while promoting and maintaining high ethical standards to REALTORS® and the public.

About Us

Local, hometown REALTORS® founded our National Association member board in 1977 to serve the public with a strict code of ethics and oath to help protect buyer’s and seller’s rights and make a quick, smooth real estate transaction.

Home Ownership Matters

There’s a reason homeownership is called the American Dream. People aspire to home ownership for the financial and social benefits it conveys. The print ad for this campaign explains Realtors’ long-standing commitment to defending homeownership.

Separately, the “Book Report” materials emphasize the social benefits of homeownership for families and communities. These materials include TV, radio, print and online creative that underscore the value of home ownership in improving academic achievement, creating stability and strengthening families.