Become a Member

Why should you join your local Lincoln County Board of REALTORS®?

#1- We are an active board which meets monthly so you get the information you need to run your business first hand.

#2- You have the opportunity to make a difference in your community by being as active and involved as you want to be in events such as the scholarship golf tournament which donates money annually to multiple students from each high school, a charity fundraiser, toy and canned food drives for Lincolnton and East Lincoln Christian Ministries and other community events.

#3- Each month we have informative speakers to educate and motivate you.

#4- We have multiple members that hold designations at the State level, so you are aware of issues that may affect your business before others are.

#5- Gives you access to a wide variety of information sources, designed to help keep you up-to-speed in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

#6- You get to network monthly with your best customer; other REALTORS®!! Think about it. Who else sells your listings more than your fellow REALTORS®?

#7- Best of all, opportunities to meet affiliate members who support our cause such as lenders, insurance providers, home inspectors, attorneys, media, appraisers, etc.

And, if that’s not enough here are other benefits to consider:

  • Annual REALTOR® Outings
  • Christmas Party
  • State Approved Continuing Education Classes
  • Orientation for New Members
  • Discounts through the REALTORS® Partners Program